Feedback, per favore!

Thank you for being here! If you would, please take a moment to tell us what you thought of your experience.
Please answer the following statements
Please answer the following statements
I felt welcomed and part of the family when I walked through the door.
The ‘za and apps are unique and delicious.
The ‘za team provided me with great service.
‘za is comfortable and inviting.
I would recommend ‘za to friends, family, and strangers.
When I’m short on time, this is the type of place I’d come for a quick bite to “takeout.”
When I want to relax with my people, this is the type of place I’d come to “hangout.”
My overall experience was awesome. I’ll be back.
My favorite 'za was: *
Choose all that apply
Have more time?
Have more time?
Could you take a look at our menu (by the door) and provide feedback on a few more things? We'd really appreciate it!
The menu is easy to read and understand.
The prices are appropriate for the high-quality ingredients and menu items I’m getting.
I feel the menu has a variety of options - there is something for everyone.